Farsheed Khairabadi’s story writing art is influenced by Gholamhossein Saedi, Sadegh Chubak and Houshang Golshiri in the type of penmanship, mental structure and local beliefs, but in the structure of writing and speech, characterization, typification, descriptions and shaping – like what he saw in a video He is one of the writers who writes in Flash Fiction, Micro Narratives, and Sudden Fiction styles. It should be mentioned that he is considered one of the first modern science fiction writers in the Persian language.

Storytelling style

He has an extreme tendency towards surrealistic writing in his story writing, as well as his poetry style, and he believes that only in such an atmosphere and with such psychological states can one create an original work.

He takes advantage of the American story writing methods and with a detailed understanding of the modern audience and the little time he has to read the story, he uses a technique in storytelling that allows the audience to find out the purpose of the story in the least volume of speech and makes the reader think It should include processing and leave it in the space of thinking after reading, considering this passage as an open ending for the story so that the reader stays involved in the concept for a while and the story does not end immediately after the end of reading. In his style, except for brevity and understatement, the situation and situations have been tried to be conveyed to the reader using the description of the environment – such as the video being shown.

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