Poem books

Farsheed Press is the publisher of the poetry books of engineer Farsheed Khairabadi, which has published them digitally.

Farsheed Khairabadi is one of the students of Behrouz Tharvatian in poetic techniques, and one of the students through the written works and treatises of Ahmad Shamlou, Mehdi Akhwan Al-Talihi, Mohammad Reza Shafiei Kodkani, Taghi Pournamdarian, Mohammad Al-Daghiki and Sirus Shamisa. He wrote his poems in Nimai, Sepid, Azad and Persian Haiku style.

Story books

His art of story writing is influenced by Gholamhossein Saedi, Sadegh Chubak and Hoshang Golshiri in the type of penmanship, mental structure and local beliefs, but in the structure of writing and speech, characterization, typification, descriptions and shaping – as seen in a video. Shud- is one of the authors who writes in the style of Flash Fiction, Micro Narratives and Sudden Fiction. It should be noted that he is considered one of the first modern science-fiction writers in the Persian language.

سرزمین داستان

Photo books

Farsheed Khairabadi photographs in different genres and styles, although he is more interested in some styles. In photography, he does not believe much in observing technique. For him, the philosophy of photography and sometimes the goals of photography are more important because he considers photography to be more of an art than an industry. He is very interested in conceptual and urban styles.

Motivational books

The book Success dialog, The first volume is written by Farsheed Khairabadi and Shadi Zahravandi. This book has collected everything that has been said, heard and written for success in life, study and work.

دیالوگ پیروزی